>Happiest moment of life jus happen…..

>hi pple…  I dont think any1 reads my blog.. but anyways the happiest moments in life just happens. don’t you think so. I’l tell you wat just recently happened in mine. i found an old friend. the ones who studied with you from kindergarden n you leave school in 3rd std hoping to find them some day… Well I found 1….. Actually 2. I found this community in orkut where it had my old school’s name. I searched all over for this friend of mine( nithya) . As far as i remember I searched around like 15 times.  well then posted a topic saying,” I am searching for a lost friend…. she was in this class n all those details n blah blah about her.” well the response never happened immediately… i got a reply frm this girl saying that i am sakthi. I was in the same school. I know you n your friend. n this is her number… I was shocked!!!!!!!!!!!! pple actually remember me.. she even rememers my dead dog.. I was so happy to have known her after all these years.. I  am a person who gives a lot of important to friends n family. I’ve wanted to meet this girl ( nithya) for a very long time.. Since i dont remember when. But i never remember the name sakthi or also remember hearing it at that time. I haven’t yet contacted nithya but very happy to find my friend Sakthi again who took the pain to find out Nithya’s number n given it to me. I was so happy that i have found old friends who still value me as a person. Now All I am scared off is that will I get the same response from My so- called- known friend Nithya…?? we will just have to wait n watch…


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