Have you heard this song???
Unakena naan from Kadhalil Vizhunthen
This is a very nice song!! Must have heard it a lot of times right?? yup that song was sung by my classmate
Ramya… she was a close friend in school. She has a gr8 voice, but this song was copied.. Yes some
of them would have known but not all. This song was copied key by key, beat by beat from the following
song. Its a song by Rihanna called Unfaithful.
I wanted to tell this becoz my mom says that Indian music industry has lost its creativity. She always
believes that old songs are best. These days, the standard of music is down except for a few people.
All I am asking is please make music much better than what it is today because Music has taken us to the
next level. You can see that Indian Music has World recognition.
And kudos to A.R Rehman for making it happen…
As he says, Be Indians and our Talents.
Jai Hind!!

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