Isn’t she the prettiest thing ever that walked on earth? Thats POOJA… My cousin
Did you know that when she was born, she stopped crying listening to A.R. Rehaman’s Airtel music?? 
She is one of the most brilliant and amazing kid on earth( May be i am going too far about that but for me, she is). She is just doing LKG in DAV. She is chiti’s little doll. We are all so found of her. Every time we are out shopping or just going out we find something interesting and we buy it for her. Not only my family even my cousin brothers who are just little themselves do it for her. It is just amazing how these kids steal our heart at such young age. She knows more than what she needs to know for her age.. She loves the fashion. up-to date on everything from head band to shoes.

She is so stylish. I have to learn a lot from her for that reason. Pooja is someone who we all enjoy having as a company except for her mom with whom she has to be all the time. My chiti gets annoyed or bored sometimes. It happens to all mom. My mom tells me that I was terror when I was that age. My dad always came for the rescue when amma started hitting me sometime for being so.( he he he) So why the post is about poo. She was the first baby I remember holding properly. I saw her the first day when she was born, and i decided that I should become a mother one day. She made me feel like a mother sometime when she used to cry and come to me for help. She was so cuddling. The touch and smell was so different. 

Poo is like this angel who stepped on earth saying,” I’m here to make you all happy!!” And I believe she does.  Being the first born, I was also treated and pampered like her.  I was told so by my ma. I remember my Thatha and patti who were there to drop me at school, pick me up, feed me, console me when I cried, who are no more alive… I miss them of course. It was so different when they were alive. But I know that they are up there or besides me right now, looking after me.. 

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