First thing I like about the movie is that is it definitely its name!! No short cuts.. Just plain Vennila kabadi kuzhu. 

The movie is directed by a new guy called Sushidharan. Well for the first time, he has definitely done a pretty good job. The character select is apt.. The lead role played by vishnu speaks for itself. He doesn’t show any heroism: normal, plain,simple guy living in a village. 
The movie is about how a gang of young men from a village near Madurai goes to state finals in a Kabadi match and wins it, Of course. This gang consist of people from different castes and one thing that bind them is KABADI. They are well-known for losing all the matches that they have played. Fed up with the insults by the family and neighbour, they decide to win it in a state finals. This were a coach (kishore) comes in. He is ditched by a team for some reason so here he is to help this Kuzhu to win  it. There is defintely a romantic side to the movie. This were the hero marimuthu falls in love with this gal whose name is never revealed in the movie. She comes to the village to attend thiruvizha(its kinda like a festival). She falls in love with him at first sight. They talk to each other but the hero forgets to ask her till the end then she leaves after a week promises to met him in the next Thiruvizha. They do their talking more in their eyes which is kinda sweet.The end has a little twist to it which makes us sit back and have a few tears in the eyes.
Certain things that struck me was the comedy scenes which are really cool. The scene where one of this team member is entering into the contest for eating 50 parotas.. That was hilarious and the scene where they feel like crying when they won their first match ever. Another thing is the dialogues which are so real, has a genuine approach to each character. I do not want to tell you more about it becoz it would spoil the fun of going and watching the movie. But I would say it is definitely worth spending money and watching it. Hats off to them. Personally, It has an impact on me. I think it would have the same on you too!!! Good movies like this should be encouraged more and thanks to susidharan for it…
OOPS!! forgot to tell you about the music.. The songs are too good. The song ” Lesa Parakudhu” sung by Karthik and Chinmayi is awesome. One could go on listening to it. The song” Pada Pada” sung by Karthik again is good too. I think Karthik should sing more songs in other movies too.LOL.Did I mention the music is scored by Selvaganesh( a new comer too!!:-))
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