I met a friend who I had lost contact with for about two years. His name is Renga. Very good person and friend. He had lost his mother when he was in 10th std. Very unpleasant news for all of us. He loved his mother very much and was close to her because he was her only son. When this happened, he lost hope on life. It took him some time to get back on life again. He loves to sing because his mom loves to hear him sing. His mother was a classical singer so he was put to singing classes when he was young. After she passed away, he would cry to us singing this song. This was a very touching song for him as well as for us(his friends). Its very sad when you lose some person who you love the most. Even though, I didn’t know his mom in person, I respected her a lot and we will defintely miss you ma. This song and post dedicated to Renga and his mom.


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