>Have you ever been betrayed?

>Have you ever had the feeling?
It knocks so hard and it stabs the heart so bad
It makes one feel like a fool
A friend you made me feel
Comfortable I became around you
Until yesterday…. For many years now
You betrayed me and you don’t realize
It hurts and it breaks my heart
You didn’t have to
You should have came straight to me
You should have asked me directly
Then maybe, just maybe
I was going to tell you
You don’t have to pretend you’re my friend
You don’t have to pretend you care
You are not doing anyone any favour by doing so
Instead you are teaching me to be careful
Be careful of who I associate with
Be careful of who I share my deepest secrets with
I will be frank with you though
I wont pretend around you
I wont pretend I don’t see what’s going on
I will tell you like it is
I don’t need you, I don’t need your friendship and
I certainly don’t want you come hanging around my place

I am just disappointed & hurt but you don’t realize a platform of growth is what you create for me.
Don’t even smile back at me because that is just poison you keep splitting from your mouth
You make me angry-you make me hate- but I can never hate myself
I hate only you & your betrayal
I hate the thought that you fooled me into believing we were friends
Fooling me to believing you’re my friend when you know what you’re up to
You took something away from me and to find out like this makes me even crazy because as a friend I trusted you and you broke my heart
I never realized the kind of person you are- but now I know –God opened my blind eyes.
I hate the thought that I opened up so much to you
I appreciated your presence in my life
I felt that if the two of us can bond, then people would realize that they also don’t need to fear anything
I made a mission to walk up straight and forget about people’s judgment because we were going to do it together
You and I made a promise to each other to carry on like nothing is wrong and
You broke that promise
How could you?
I know that crying and mourning about it does not help but
I really hate what you are
You broke my heart
Why you did it is what I keep asking myself
And now you come to say that it was mistake.
How could you? After all these years of laughter and fun together.
Why do these things happen to me?
I learnt one new lesson today too!!



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