My blog slambook…

My sister, who is in the final year of her graduation, purchased a slam book for herself. This gave me an idea to write about myself.

Here go!
My parents named me: Rajalakshmi
My friends call me: Raji 
My place: Chennai, India
My zodiac sign :Scorpio
I was born on: 18th of november
I look back to the days when: I was in school.
Given a chance to be invisible, I’d : Fly high in the sky.
I would love to have a pet: Dog always.
The Teacher I like the most: Sateesh krishnamurthy(Marketing Professor) becoz he knows what today we like to talk about or listen about.
Movies, I live to watch: Minnale, Titanic,Juno,Kuch kuch hota hai, and mostly surya movies.
The singer of my choice: Hariaharan and karthik(male). chinmayi and Harini.
My favourite pastime: Would be thinking about what would be my next post on my blog.
I love to dress Myself in : Just this and that as long as I feel its decent.
I would love to visit: Mount Everest
I go Crazy about things like: Ice Cream, Chocolates, Mobile phones and Music (of course!)
My Dream Date would be with: I have got no clue. No one in particular at the moment(maybe in the future  😉 
I fancy love as : Giving the trust of your life to someone and also giving them the power to destroy it hoping it will never happen.
I Tap My Feet To The Rhythm Of:ARR, Yuvan and my bro on the casio.
I Aspire To Become: A Successfull Business woman.
About me as a person: I am friendly and outspoken. I love company and a lot people around me. I am an amateur when it comes to writing and I still have to go a long way in it. I aspire to happy all the time which is impossible but I try to make it possible. 
Tagging(My favourite activity in blogs)
I tag Muthu and Raji to write about themselves on this topic with modified subtitles, if you want.
Go for it guys!!!
All the best.

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