Sextuplets??? What would my mom feel about that?

Today, we were watching this show called Jon & Kate Plus 8. It makes me wonder how the mother can manage twins and sextuplets all at the same time.

We( my sisters and me), made sure that my mom watched that show. It was hilarious how the mother had to keep up with them every single day. My mom, after watching the show, talked about how my dad use to rock the cradle till I sleep. Even with the slightest noise, I would wake up and cry. It was my dad’s turn to make me sleep in the night because my mom had enough trouble with me the whole day. Actually, I also heard that he loved doing it. Since I was the first born, I was pampered too much those days. My 1st sister (Aishu) was always the best according to my mom because she never troubled my mom in eating or sleeping. Whenever it was time to eat, she would do it herself. No wonder she is all so plumply and cuddly. Gayu, the youngest of the lot was also a trouble maker just like me. But I was the worst. Am still the worst. Well it all happens 🙂

We also talked about my cousin sister Pooja who is the worst of all of us in the family. Her mom even cries sometimes due to the pressure. So the next time, we watch that show on TV, we are going to ask her to watch it too..
Its just amazing how Kate tries to be bias to all the kids.
They first had Twins:
Mady and Cara
And four years later, they had Sextuplets
Alexis, Leah, Aaden, Hannah,Collin and Joel.( 3 girls and 3 boys). They all look very cute.
WOW they must have whole lot of fun and hard work taking care of them.
I wonder what my mom would do with Sextuplets, if she had them.
She cannot manage with just the three of us.


3 thoughts on “Sextuplets??? What would my mom feel about that?

  1. When handling one kid in this era is considered difficult, I just wonder how these people manage sextuplets and octuplets kinds? 🙂 It can be fun for a day but not always…

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