>Who Doesn’t love shopping???

>I wanted to know who loves to shop indoor as well as outdoor.. I mean on the Internet and as well as going shopping to T.nagar or Parrys or Anna nagar(in case of Chennai). Well I’ve done both, but the best part of shopping is I always have someone to accompany me. As you know, I hate to be alone most of the times and a chit chatter, I need company. Be it my mom or my friends or my sisters or my dad(he doesn’t talk much though), I totally depend on somebody to go shopping. Not making my decision on what to buy or what not to…but may be influencing me…lol. The thing is want to know if you guys like to shop online too… because I know its kinda boring but I did it sometime but mostly for my dad and buy electronics through e-bay. Come on, please give me your comments on this one because I need to know how many like it with internet.. Go on… Open up your comments for me and thank you!!!!


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