A Powerful Dreamer!!!

RAJI, my blogger friend calls herself a dreamer.. I’m no dreamer because I hate it when I dream something and it never happens… it pisses me off.. So like my Title “Take life as it comes” I take life as it comes… but last night, my wildest dream occurred..

An unknown figure was chasing me in a very lonely road.. God knows how I got there but this was definitely a man..He was chasing me for a long time but couldn’t catch me because I was too fast(in my dreams)… So here I was with no one around except for this unknown man who also made some sort of noise while calling me as something which I could not recognize. After sometime, I nearly forgot that I had a cell phone with me. I,then searched for it and found out that it was missing. I was anxious to call up my dad as ask him to come a rescue me but I couldn’t… After a while, this unknown man came almost near to me and tried to get hold of me.. I tried to fasten my speed but something was slowing down because you know I am a natural runner(like I said in my dreams). After sometime, this man got hold of me and said, “Madam, you forgot your parcel and cellphone back at the hotel.” Then when I turned back to see, I was on the Mount road, Chennai near Spencer plaza … The Thing which was slowing me down was myself caught on my bike wheel…For god’s sake, where did this lonely road go and where was I running all this time. I just couldn’t realise what was happening and then this awful truth stuck me….
It was my imagination… No No crying people… LoL!!!!

PS: Now thats why, I don’t dream….


4 thoughts on “A Powerful Dreamer!!!

  1. Sometimes imagination go wild…like this šŸ™‚ But I used to dream most of the happiest things that can never happen but that gives a great feeling to me…so, I’m indeed a powerful dreamer šŸ˜‰

  2. dreams are human ways of syncing between reality and our perceived reality! so if its disturbing!!!! watch out!

  3. @Raji- You are surely a powerful dreamer.
    @Apocalypse- Thats a good one too!!
    @Edsley- I hope that doesn’t happen to me!!

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