Poem from an old valentine..

I was going through all my old stuffs today like my slam books, greeting cards, etc.. I found this card. Now this card brings back a lot of memories and also thinking about it, makes me laugh -out-loud now. This card made my dad realize, I wasn’t his little girl anymore and gave my mom a little heart attack and quite a lot of excitement in me… This guy, Balaji, my senior in school was a very good friend of mine and I knew he was quite fond of me as a friend(that’s what I thought). He lived nearby and a sweet guy. We had 3 years difference between us. Once my friend, Arun told me that this guy, Balaji was telling his friends that he likes me and fell in love.. I thought he was playing the prank on me and got angry on Arun for playing with me… This was when I was in the 8th std. February 14th was always exam time for us. The management of the school always made sure we had some exams during this time. I was totally late for school as always and attended prayers at the last minute. Since Balaji was the vice-caption of the school and he had duty for late entry, he let me.. Cool huh?? Not always I can do that. But before, I can get into the class he called me aside and said that he wanted to talk to me after school. I, usually get to talk to him after school because we live very close by each others house. I said okay and ran for my exams. 3 hours. Did as much as I can in exams. I wasn’t very bright those days.

After exams, he called me aside when I was chitchatting with my friends and handed over the card he had. You wouldn’t believe how much that guy had done for a card. He had written a poem and which he had given it to printing press to print it on the card and then he had hand picked the background and all the other decorations. I know its not so great now but at that time, when I was just 14 years old and my friends around me were the same too, It definitely was a big thing. Even now, some of my old schoolmates talk about it when we have a get together.Talk of the school. I was dumbstruck. I didn’t know how to react. Not like, I’m the cutest girl in class or he was the handsome guy. Everybody around us knew we were close friends and neighbors. I just said thank and left. Then I showed the card to my parents and it became big issue after that. Then Balaji apologized to me and all those thing happened, but I never threw the card away.

Hello, this is my first Valentine card and how can I get rid of it.. I still have and I never take it out. Okay, Balaji still lives near my place but now with his wife…He got married about 6 months ago and of course, I was invited.

So, Here I want to share my first secret, my first valentine’s day poem..

Sweet Raji,

Quietly you came into my life,
Openly you shared yourself with me.
Gently you drew me closer
Tenderly touched my heart
Gratefully I celebrate each moment shared with you

Thank you for the miracle of you..
You are , and always will be the love of my life.

This was on the 1st page and in the second page

The miracle of you
My dearest Valentine

Yours loving

Wasn’t that cute?? I really appreciate the way it was written for me and me only. After that Balaji and me, we had always kept the distance and never talked much( Actually never talked). Then I wanted to share it with you because I thought this is always important to me.
He was also one of the inspirations for my poem writing skills. This poem motivated me a lot and I started writing my own. Thanks to BALAJI


5 thoughts on “Poem from an old valentine..

  1. I remember when young, I did the same mistake. Rather giving the card, I wrote a poem in her own book. I did bcoz my buddies encouraged me…
    But then realized it was the biggest mistake. Bcoz she stopped talking to me from that day onwards.
    Had I not written that letter, I wud have enjoyed the friendship. But… Yenna Pannudhu…. Thulluvatho Ilamai… (correct me…. if my tamil is wrong)

  2. @Suresh- Your tamil is fine. but Not Yenna Pannudhu… its pannuradhu..All the things we do for love.

    @Anand- I am love the poem though..

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