>Vote for Sarath Babu


My friend Ram asked me, ” Y are you wasting your time writing about politics and stuffs about the Srilanka? You shouldn’t write about such things.” Then I said, ” This is my world and in my world, all these are happening and I have my right to talk about it.”

This post is dedicated to Sarath Babu, one of my favourite entrepreneur. One thing, I found very inspirational about him was that he never forgot where he was from and wants to do something good for his people as well as for his country. When I look at him, I think that my problems are nothing compared to what he has gone through and when he can overcome it, why can’t I?? He does so many things to motivate me to work more and life more. So I support SARATH BABU for this elections as well as planning to vote for him. Please lets have some change to this country… You can also visit Sarath’s website and his symbol is SLATE..


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