The ceremony of papad making!!!!!

Its a family tradition that we have to make Papad every year with most of us helping around. Since my grandma has three daughters which of one is my mom, we have this thing happening in my house. My mom being the eldest and the more experienced one in making that liquid( I’m not getting the right words in English)..Okay this liquid is called as Maavu in Tamil. Its a thick liquid which consists of a) Water b) Flour c) Cumin seeds d) Sago( Jawarisi) and last but not the least e) chilli( it depends on your taste). Put all these ingredients together and make a thick paste out of it.

Let it cool down over the night. In the morning, you will find my house flooded with the other two sisters. All are assembled in the terrace in the morning around 6 am and sheets of  plastic are laid on the floor. Then all the ladies in the family put mooruku vadam or other types of vadam.. This process continues for a week with different ingredients like onion vadam or Appalam or others etc. They are dried till they become hard. Then they are separated between the sisters. Its fun fun and totally fun during the whole process. Its like an all- girls party with lots of maavu in your hands. We, the little ones, get to hear a lot of gossips from our moms and grandmother. Its too good and one of the best activity that happens over the summer. My chance of doing this year was missed due to the fact my stupid college has re-opened and the tradition has been broken after several years. This year, I miss it and they will miss me too.


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