A friend who betrayed me

My dearest and oldest friend,
you have put our friendship to an end.
It is you that I depended on,
what did I do that now you are gone?
In your bad times, I’ve helped you,
I thought my friendship grew.
I believed you, but you broke my trust.
For you, I’m mixed along with the dust.
When I really needed you to help me,
just to do a favor, you didn’t agree.
For that, I’ve lost something great.
You have closed the friendship’s gate.
When we meet each other, we ignore.
For each other, we don’t exist anymore.


3 thoughts on “A friend who betrayed me

  1. That’s a part of life and yes you got to take it as it comes…it’s an experience which makes us learn so many things…

    BTW such a nice and beautiful blog. Loved it so much!


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