Life: A Roller Coaster….

Yesterday, you must have seen my post on betrayal by a long time friend… Things change and people move on. Sometimes when you think about it, it just makes you feel more miserable as if we don’t have anything to worry about. Lets just take it up that they are not lucky enough to be our friends anymore. Like I said, things change so do people.

I have also learnt that betrayal can be forgiven and forgotten only that person accept the mistake. If not, well its their choice. Life has many twists and turns like a roller coaster. When you learn to enjoy it, its fun or if you want to make it a miserable ride, you end up puking 😦 . Today was just those days when you forget all your worries and have fun. If one door is closed, it means you will have a better door the next time. So does in my life. I always thought that friends are the best medicine. But when you have been betrayed by them, its just doesn’t feel right. Okay may be some of the friends are bad. Not all of them. Here are a few friends who are making my life as gay as possible.

Today’s Activity with some of the coolest friends ever has made me get back what I lost with other so-called friends. What did they do to make me feel sooooooo happy?

Took me on this surprise ride with my eyes closed where I was beaten as well as given ample happiness.
This surprise ride was organized by Praveen Chandar who found out that I wasn’t happy for a few days now by just looking at me and watching my activities.

Co-organizer’s: Prasanna Venkatesh, Nishanth, Raj murugan and of course, Akila (my only gf in college).
They kidnapped me to from class (half way through it) and took me to Mayajaal  to watch the movie Fast and Furious 4 and then we had lunch @ one of the most attractive places in Chennai which I’ve never been to all this time. It was so good right next to the beach and then we went boating in Mutukadu. We also went to the nearby beach and @ 6pm, they came to my house to have a mini-tiffin made by my mom. The best part of the day came when my mom loved them all and she also asked to come again ASAP to my place to have this kinda fun again. Thank you guys for making both, my mom and me, happy on the same day. My mom said that talking to these friends made her feel young at heart again. Nishanth has recently lost his mom and he just loved my mom and so does my mom. It was a happy day @ the whole.Loved it ! 🙂


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