>Second Chance

>My absence to the blogger world is because I am under total confusion for a long time now. My confusion right now is that can you fall in love for the second time? Yes, I said it. I’ve been lately thinking about my friend who has certain uniqueness which has impressed me. The commitment for life has changed. Seeing another friend of mine getting married has changed my feelings for him. He was there always to hold when I was down. I remember being there in every aspects of my life these days. Eventhough we aren’t speaking that much I think I want to lead the rest of my life with him. Will he understand my true feelings for him or will he deny me as I was once in love with another coward? Will god let me have a second chance to love which I’m sure that I would not let go off? Will my parents agree to me? Will I lead the normal life that has always been a dream for me? Am I doing the right thing? Is it possible to be in love AGAIN? Please help me… I need you guys to just let me know that I’m right because at the end of the day, it matters. I want to be in love again that for sure.


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