>Father of the bride


I’ve watched the movie, Father of the bride atleast a thousand times and still want to watch it again. I see so much of emotions and feelings in the movie. I am not very sensitive but after all I’m human and I am emotional at some point of my life. Well, this is one of the moment when I cried. I just cannot accept the fact that the girl has to leave home just because she is married to someone. I can never even think about leaving my dad. I let go off my offer to study abroad when I had the opportunity just because I wont be able to see my dad for another two years and probably don’t want to get out of Chennai for not more than 10 days. I cannot survive without seeing or talking to him atleast once a day. Whenever class is boring guess what do I do? I call up my dad to say, ” class is boring pa. I should have never taken up MBA.” All he does is smile. Well, that my boost. Appa has been my confidence all the time. He never gives up on me because he knows that I’m capable of everything. I would give up the world just to be with him. He doesn’t talk much unlike me(I’m like my mom) but whenever he talks, it always makes sense.

Coming back to the subject about not leaving my dad even after my marriage. I would never want that to happen. Or if i had to, then I wouldn’t live in any far away land except chennai. I would settle down here with my family. I know this is selfish but I just don’t care. I mean its unfair. Movies like abhiyum naanum and father of the bride affect me and my feelings too. So would it to do all the girls who are very close to their fathers. Fathers rule and I would like to dedicate this to my dad and all the other dads who love their kids


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