>The Pain..


Hey guys, my first ever story. I hope you like it.. I would appreciate if you would give me your feedback on this, so that I would improve on my style of writing. Sorry about the delay. I just went through it about a thousand times before publishing it.. So here it is.

The Pain

                                     Once I approach the classroom I stare at him through the door window, the only barrier between myself and relief, He looks up and waves with those big hands. I slip inside and close the door. I slightly bang my head on the glass and breathe a sigh in hopes to terminate the vast nervousness in my veins from what I am about to do. 

“Hey you.” He speaks with words so soft.

Silently approaching him, I take another breath and look into his eyes, standing on the ground in between him and the door.

“I…I can’t…”

“Can’t what?” He says.

“I’m sorry.”

“Wh – what?”

“I’m sorry… If you misinterpreted us… What we have… Our friendship.”

He looks me in the eye with a curious, confused expression.

“I just… I can’t… stop thinking about you. You’re in my mind all day and I love it and I hate it and… and I just… needed you to know, I guess.”

Still with a confused expression, He opens his lips in response.

“Don’t speak.” I said.

“Just – I can’t… I can’t do anything! I can’t sleep, I can’t concentrate, I can’t even talk straight… It’s painful, knowing that you don’t know. You’re just this big… thing… growing and growing by day, taking over my mind and I just can’t do anything… about it. I just… I just needed to tell you, so maybe it could… maybe it could stop.”

After noticing his eyes frozen solid, I continue.

“I’m just… in love… with you. And I know you don’t feel the same way but I just… It just needed to get out.”

After a pause in time, he moves toward the exit, but my instinct takes over and I touched him by my supple yet shivering hands

“Wha – What are you doing? He asks with me as my eyes tearing as I wrap my arms around him backside.

“I just needed you to know. I love you! Please”

I push him back to a standard distance. Noticing that he looks at me with his sharp eyes with no reaction.

“If you… Fell about me as I feel about you, you have to let me know. You have to. Because what I’m feeling for you doesn’t deserve to be wasted on anyone else. And if you don’t, then the pain will stop… I want you to always be there in my mind, but I just need the pain to stop. Please, make it stop.” 

After ten seconds of silence, he pushes through my heart and goes for the doorknob as my life fills with silence. Silence. Nothing. No more pain… Not now. But he’s still here, I can feel him, but I can’t look back. Telling myself I can’t look back. It’s his choice. 

After seconds that seem like days pass me by, I hear a distant movement. 

He sprints towards me and turns me around with such ferocity I could never see it coming. His mouth meets with mine and suddenly I feel the grinding of our teeth in the most sensitive nerves of my body. He grabs my waist and pulls me even closer to the point where I can’t breathe. 

We finally depart from one another by inches, which seem like miles after that sensational experience. While I’m still speechless, he somehow finds words to speak with tears: 

“My pain… My pain is gone.”

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