>Pichavaram- Chidambaram


Last week, my friend and classmate, Akila invited us for her sister’s marriage in Chidambaram. There were about 12 of us who wanted to go for this wedding. We were all set. Last Saturday about 8pm, the journey started. There were about 10 guys and two girls(me and viji). The guys, as usual, wanted to booze. Even with a lot of opposition from our side(the non-drinkers), they had their share for fun. I never realized that these people drinking would give us our share of fun which we never expected to get. They were full tight and they were all talking non sense. Of course, none of them went over limits. But the fun began when we asked them to talk about their inner most darkest secrets. You should have heard their English. The Britishers would have killed themselves for having such a language. Just one example,” You Ace Hole( American accent), Don’t talk in running in the van.” Hilarious(ROT FL). The tone, which they spoke was unbelievable. We also recorded these things and had a wonderful trip to Chidambaram. Since we went late @ the night, my friend akila had to wake her dad up to get the rooms arranged for us. Till that time, these guys were sleeping on the road with beggars besides them. It was super-dooper fun @ 3am. These people are some of the richest guys in Chennai and they did not know what was happening around them.

The girls were given separate rooms near the mandapam. We rested for 3 hrs and then went for the wedding. Stayed there for about an hour or so and left for temple. The temple was a good place to be for peace and quite. Then it was time we left for Pichavaram. It was beautiful place. Full of water… It was something like backwaters of kerala.. I hope you guys would get a change to visit it. It comes in my list of 1000 places to visit before you die. Then it was time for us to go to Murugesh’s house for lunch. Good people and village  food. My dear Brahmin friend Prasanna ate chicken as much as possible, as if there was never a tomorrow. Murugesh’s family was a joint one which is hardly possible to be seen in Chennai. Me, being lived in one, dint
want to leave that house because I just loved his sisters and their hospitality. I wish I was married to such good family. Then, finally we had to leave chidambaram as we had to head back to Chennai for Monday’s classes in college.It was one of the most memorable trip which I had in my college times and will always treasure it. Here are some more pictures from my memories.


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