Lost a good friend forever…..

I’ve lost that close friend again with whom I can never get back. I cannot face him anymore but I still miss him. He was a true friend, the one whom you can never find these days. I lost him for reasons which can never be explained. All I wanted was him to be happy.. I did stupid things for that. I hate myself for saying or doing those things. My friend cannot be replaced. All that left of me is the remains of our happy memories together. We can never have those things anymore. Life is too painful but I’m learning to TAKE LIFE AS IT COMES. Its worth crying for some reasons and he is one of them. I’ve learned to learn from my mistakes. Here I’m trying to learn again. Please god, don’t give me anymore people who will leave after everything gets uptight and personal. Its his life and his decision but my tears. Lost him and its forever….???

PS: I hope it not forever.


5 thoughts on “Lost a good friend forever…..

  1. This is bad. But you're being strong. Yes, you should take life as it comes cuz trust me babe, life can get uglier than that. Stay strong. *hug*

  2. C'mon girl… you did those "you shall not say" things to make him happy… he 'll understand… talking to him could turn things around… Set things straight…the more u avoid it the more the barrier grows… talk to him ASAP!!!

  3. one more thing… U can never ever, even if you try to, u cant lose a good and understanding friend…

    And best wishes for your exams…

  4. @ Anand I hope he does.. Becoz I thought I was doing the "Good" for him. I still talk to him thru friends. We went thru this wild conversation abt what happened and what I did.. Lets see.. I still miss him. Smiling to me and laughing out loud together…

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