>Birthday Bashes… During exams Times AAARGH!!!


My Sweet and naughtiest cousin POOJA celebrated her 5th birthday yesterday(29/07/09) which, of course I missed due to exams. I miss that sweetie pie. I called up in the morning before going to exams and wished her. Then made sure Murugesh wished her after exams which she asked for. Don’t ask me who Murugesh is: He is my classmate from IIPM who is Pooja’s pet.

Anyways.. So today, I have two of my classmates celebrating birthdays. That would be Nishanth and Pradap. Both of them are personally good friends of mine, but since its exams we are unable to celebrate their birthday.

Then last but never the least, Saddam,(now only close friend who cares a lot about me), is celebrating his birthday on the Sunday(2.8.09). I want to celebrate his birthday too.. Since its the final year for all of us and we would be leaving in another 6 months of college, I feel so sad about us not being together even on our special days.. Anyways I hope that atleast we could re-unite in celebrating each other’s birthday..

PS: My dad turns 50 this month… Half Century… Yippee….And I wish all these people Happy Birthday and Wishing you happiness all the way.. Have fun. Take care..


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