After college Question

Pooja looked at the clock on the wall which was still ticking 3.25pm. She would why time goes so slow because she was waiting to meet Prem after college. All the girls had time for many guys but she loved only one “PREM”, but we are best friends, buddies, pals, and chums. She was confused as to how to break their current status and get on with the next big step. If only I could get him to talk to me without those beautiful eyes beaming at her, she sighs.
 They had studied in the same school but chose only different courses. He wanted to be math genius while she chose computers. While joining college, they both opted for the same co-ed college so that they could be together all the time. Apart from this she had no regrets to be with him except to confess that they were more than “JUST FRIENDS”. But she hoped she figured it out to tell him that before college gets over in two weeks.

The bell rang. Finally, she said. She stood, still in a daze and walked out of the classroom. Prem waited, gorgeous as ever. His body leaning over the wall besides her classroom. He was wearing the Red T-shirt which she had given him for his birthday this year. She still remembers the fun they had on that day with friends and how much time they spent together.  If only it could always last forever, she thought and moved closer.
He smiled as their eyes met. “Hey, Po.”
“Hey, don’t you call me that. How many times do I have to tell you? I’m not the same baby PO from school. Come ‘on you know I hate that name”
“You are always my same old PO” and he grins melting her heart away.
“So Can we go home together today?” He asked.
“Don’t we always go home together? Stop kidding around, let’s get moving.” Pooja claims.
“Listen, I’ve got some work which needs to be finished for my final project. So just give me an hour and we can go together.” Prem adjusting his files from his bag.
“But, Prem, amma asked me to come home soon.” Pooja eyes him out. “Shall I call it a day and you can come home later to meet me?”
“Oh, Come ‘on Pooooo… Please. I want to talk to you about something important on the way back home. Besides, I don’t want you to travel alone in the train.”
Pooja’s pulse raced. Just breathe and act normal. How caring.. she thought. “Okay, I’l wait for you but let me make one thing clear, I AM NOT A CHILD!!! Understand”
“ Cool!! Got it.” He winked and ran down the large corridor to the computer lab.
                                                                                                                                                                         To be continued….

A Trip To Thiruvannamalai

In the month of august, the family plans a trip to Thiruvannamalai. It is a temple for Lord Shiva and known as Annamalaiyar there. To know more about it, please visit Thiruvannamalai. This is one of the famous temples in south India and also you will find a very peaceful Ramana Ashram here.

This trip happens every year and this is my 10th year consecutively. Every year on August 27th being my dad’s birthday we celebrate it with a special Pooja and Ana Dhanam. This year being special because he was turning 50. I really cannot thing of my dad that old because he never looks like one. He still looks like the person who took me to walks early in the morning or wake me up for school or college( he still does it, though). So for word sake, he has turned 50 and will be living another 50 more years with all of us. So this special pooja is a sort of ceremony which happens if you guys pay that extra money. Actually, as a family we hardly go out and this is one of the trip we make every year. It about 4 hours travel up and down. During the travel, I mostly sleep or read a books or listen to songs on the mobile phone. This time I preferred to sleep because we had to get up early in the morning to travel. I usually get to sleep on my mom’s lap. This is one the best thing that keeps happening to me, every year during this trip because we usually don’t have that time to do this kinda stuff and I love to sleep on my mom’s lap. But this year, it was different. I got to sleep on my dad’s lap. Its been like more than 10 years since I’ve done that. Ah… it was bliss. My dad was stroking my hair while I was pretending to sleep. I dint sleep the whole time. I was just so happy that I had a smile the whole way. Something told me that this would not happen very often. Just imagine a 23 year old on the lap of the 50 year old father.. Its a beautiful feel being with my dad.. I also love to lie on my dad’s shoulder!! Being with your mom is a different feeling whereas with your dad is something good. So I was feeling so wonderful. And still happy about it!!! 😛

Moments to remember

You charmed me effortlessly

As you treat me in a friendly way

You made me happy unconsciously

Just by smiling back at me…

 You understand me inside and out

Believe in me without a doubt

You listen to me attentively

And carefully choose words to say…

 In return, what shall I give you?

Just tell me what you want me to do

Coz I don’t have any idea to please you

I don’t think simple thank you will do…

 You respect of my being innocent lady

Never had you laughed on my stupidity

And I could still feel your sincerity

As you explain to me the matter of reality…

You are somewhat special I shall never forget

Coz you gave me all the care I could get

You gave me something to remember

Such good memories I’ll cherish forever….

Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru

A cute title and I’m looking forward to this movie from a young women Director.

Small Info about this movie:

SATYAM CINEMAS and REAL IMAGE MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES together present a fun romantic comedy THIRU THIRU THURU THURU (T4), starring AJMAL and RUPA along with MOULI.

The movie is directed by NANDHINI JS, who is a gold medallist from FTIT and winner of State award for best director for her short film OTTAM.

The film has been shot by cinematographer SUDHIR K.CHAUDHARY, again a gold medallist from FTIT and associate of ace cinematographer ASHOK MEHTA (I.S.C) .

The Music of the film has been composed by MANI SHARMA, who needs no introduction and the film has four peppy numbers and a theme track.

MS SURIYA who worked in Kannaamoochi Enada and working on Aanandham Aarambham is the editor for TTTT.

Art Director DRK KIRAN has given simple but amazing setups for the scenes and the songs.

SARAVANARAJAN has choreographed the dance numbers for three main songs and SHANTI for one special song.

LALITHANAND has written beautiful lyrics for three songs and the main theme… YUGABHARATHY has written one special song…

T4 has been shot on Red One camera, and will be post produced in 4 K resolution. T4 will be the FIRST INDIAN END-TO-END DIGITAL FILM.

G. BALAJI has provided his services as the D.A.M (Digital Asset Manager) and Red Technician and the film has been digitally color graded on Digital Visions Film Master by A. VENKATAKRISHNA.

T4, now in post production is slated to release this September and promises to take the audience on Roller Coaster of Fun and Romance.

Evolution of Marketing—–Marketing class continues…

 I think Marketing lesson are very useful for both the consumers and as well as the sellers or producers. It will make both the parties understand each others mind i.e. Consumers can understand what products are produced, for what purpose and how it can be useful for them or  also get the bad side by seeing whether it does have a use or are they just to induce people to buy it.

Producers or the marketers who market their products should also understand the needs of the consumers and try to satisfy it accordingly. They should understand that people buy things for a purpose and not because they like the product. For eg : The sole purpose of Pespi or Coca Cola’s existence is : To Quench Thirst which can also be done by water or lemon juice but how you make them change their views about what to drink. So accordingly, they have to understand this to penetrate into the minds of the consumers and which will also help them succeed.

So here I’m to tell you all that I know about marketing from both the point of view or just a common view:
To understand marketing, we have to know how it evolved, lets understand that.

Evolution of Marketing Concepts:
1. Production Concept:
          This happened in the world after the industrial revolution, wherein goods were just produced and they were just induced the customers to buy without any purpose.

2. Product Concept:
           This was when all the industries started facing a challenge called as competition wherein they had to compete against each other for survival. So thats when they at least tried to bring about the needs of the customers.
3. Selling Concept:
           It is said that this was when people started dreading the salesmen and marketers who tried to give products because they had too much competition. They were treated as fraud and cheaters because all they did was sell whether it was needed or not.
4. Marketing Concept:
          Somewhere after the selling concept, they realized that it was never gonna work unless they try to satisfy the customers(finally). So they tried to identify the needs of their customers and developed a product accordingly.
5. Customer Concept:
         This is when the first phase of customization took place wherein the customers were treated as kings and they also identified that every potential customer had a different need to be satisfied with the same product.
6. Societal Marketing Concept:
          This phase if when all that Go Green and other Eco- Friendly products were produced as they realized the ill effects of global warming and other harm to the environment. This was just a recent development as we all know.
7. Holistic Marketing Concept:
          This is like the concept of saying that the whole company has to work upon just one factor: Satisfy the customer’s need. Be it the Finance or HR or Admin or any other department which had to follow this thumb rule. ‘ The customer is king.’ 
8. Strategic Marketing Concept:
           This is the latest one, which has been added lately. At this stage, it is said the whole world has become an experience economy. For eg: When we buy a phone, we want to touch, feel and use it before it sinks into our minds that this what we need. Why this has evolved over this time is because, we have so much information available so the customers know more than what we as marketers know.

Likewise, these concepts can get an addition any day because the time keeps changing so does markets.

PS: This is my 200th post. I’m so overwhelmed by your support. Thank you friends.