I had a dream about you!!

I had a dream about you.
I dreamed that you were talking to me
and that we were laughing together.
I dreamed that you told me secrets.
Secrets that you could only tell me.

Last night I woke up crying.
Crying because I know that’s what we used to have.
It’s what I wish we still were.
And what I know we’ll never be again.

This morning, I realized something.
I realized it was just a dream.
I realized that it’s been a few months now,
and I’m finally getting over you.
I’m finally getting over crying so much.

I hope that your life turns out exactly how you want it to be.
I hope you’re happy.
Happy without me.
But most of all,
I hope you’ll miss me one day as much as I missed you.


3 thoughts on “I had a dream about you!!

  1. @ Raji and Bharathi- yes, it hurts a lot. I hope it goes off as soon as I wish it would.

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