Yesterday, 11th of August was one of the most unforgettable days of my life. I really don’t want to remember it but it comes  back all the time. I just cannot forget the day because three years ago, i did one of the biggest mistake which i shouldn’t have done. Since I’m very impulsive and do thing just at that moment never thinking what will happen in the future. I hate that character of mine. Must have got it from my mom. She is just like me.
Btw, Guess what I did after cribbing for that reason:
Read a book which I’ve been waiting for a very long time to do.

Saw Harry  Potter and the Half Blood Prince on DVD which I couldn’t do in at the cinemas because of exams. They have changed the story too much. Harry is not a flirt plus they never tease Dumbledore in the book. Lots of changes, meaning more addition apart from changing most of the stuff. I loved the part Ron says, ” Hermione” in the hospital when he is unconscious. Some teen love huh? Anyways, they never showed the memories of how Voldermort gets his grandfather’s ring and how he kills his father for abandoning mother. And I don’t know why the movies mostly concentrate on Harry and Hermione in the story, Ron is one the best characters ever and he should be given a lot to talk because its hilarious. BTW, I hate Ron going behind Lavender Brown and snogging her all the time. It was horrible.

I’ve lost a lot of weight during the exams which has been mentioned by quite a few people in class. This reduction in weight has made me fit into those old pair of jeans which was my favourite and I’m very happy about that. Since my sister is leaving for UK for her higher education, preparations for that are happening in full flegde. I’m fully relaxed. Its only tv, laptop, books and me. HO ho ho…Raji is having the time of her life.I forgot to mention that I’m addicted to this game called POOL MANIA in Zapak. Love it and i’m challenging my friends too.. Not doing much of  the activities outdoor because of the Swine flu which is spreading widely in Chennai. So major actions happen indoor. Planning to go to the movies to see the new prasanna and sneha flick. lets hope i dont come back home with Swine flu and ruin my holidays. Will give you updates on today’s activities tomorrow. :) :P ;)


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