I see a light in the future.

Everybody hopes for a miracle so do I.  I was meant to be born with a silver spoon, literally but the so-called fate turned upside down when business for my dad started tumbling after a few years. This was due the fact my dad never listened to my grandparents. Sometime my dad says that what ever happened in business was because he never listened to them and he also says that I should not fall into his footsteps. My dad was adopted by my grandparents. He was one among 11 kids who were from my real grandparents. My real grandfather was the brother of the adopted. So out the 11 only 9 survived and all of them were boys. My dad was literally the 8th one. For pple who knew the story of lord Krishna who was born to one mother and raised by another who was also the 8th born. Well ironically my dad’s story is almost the same. And coincidentally, he was also born on krishna jayanthi. Cool huh??

My dad being the only son( to the adopted parents) was pampered and looked after like none other dint know it until he was around 17 . When he found out, he got real angry and left them. After that my grandma fell very ill so he came back again to them. Since that day onwards, he never left them till death. This adopted grandpa was the big bro and he had a lot of riches. It is even said that MGR was sleeping on our corridor’s once when he had come to Chennai to start off his acting career. I never believed that one but it was told by my grandpa. When grandpa died of cancer, he gave all this money to my dad who was the only child. My real grandfather also had the same riches except he had to divide it among 8 of em( excluding my dad).  Since my dad had more money, he was asked by his brothers, my uncles, to start many business which al flopped in the process and that’s how we lost all our money. Since then, my dad doesn’t believe his brothers. I don’t believe them either.

So now my dad is alone working his wits away, trying to bring up three daughters whom he loves very much and is very proud to have borne us. I still have hope and faith that even though we have our ups and downs, we survive. And there is still hope in the near future, I see light. The Light is us. The three daughters. Umapathy’s Angels.(something like charles angels.lol). So the light(us), we are just great. Each one with a unique character struggling and surviving in this male egoistic world with hopes and dreams of being our selves and trying achieve what we are here for.

“To Make My Dad Happy.” 🙂 🙂 🙂


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