Happy Independence day-2009

It is the 62th independence day for India. We have reached many heights and achievements which are all we always talk about. But still we haven’t reached the top even though we are under a steady growth towards it. I studied about the 8 millennium goals which are to be achieved by all the nations so that we have a peaceful world. Thats what we, Indian have to aim for and no war or enmity with any other country. Peace and Happiness all over can only achieved only if we initiate at our individual level. My friend Sriram always says,” I hate violence against women and children.” I thought that small thing which he follows can make a big difference to everybody if followed. It made me think about it and talk about it. That is a big difference. Simple things like this can build more peaceful country.

India is my pride and I’m proud to be an Indian. Jai Hind


3 thoughts on “Happy Independence day-2009

  1. " I hate violence against women and children."

    these are really nice lines which ought to be followed…
    But what I feel is violence against any one in any form must be avoided…. violence against elders… we all know that many aged persons are sent to ashrams etc..etc..I consider those as violence too….

    And the main reason why India has not made it to top is…
    If these two C's are away India will be among the richest and best countries of the world…But that is too tough considering the situation now…

    ur blog is too nice and better than mine…our Indirank proves it… I am also ur follower now and glad that good bloggers like you are following me….stay in touch….

  2. @ Shankar- thanks for such a huge comment and for visiting my blog. I like you too blog a lot. Good to know you too.

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