Akila’s birthday

Today a friend of mine whom I don’t talk much these days  celebrated her birthday and she is 24 today. I want to first wish her. Akila, Happy birthday de. You are one of the few girl friends I had and I really liked you genuinely. So take care and wish you get all that you needed and stay happy. Thanks for everything. I really miss you very much and I wouldn’t also forget you for things you have done to separate each one of us who meant so  much to me. There is a negative side to everybody and remember you are not perfect. Whatever happens, I never want you to be sad and take care of my friends who still believe you are perfect.  I never meant to ignore you but still my guilt feeling kicks me at the spot saying that I should have wished you today. I know its never too late but I think you were not worth it. Take care. All the best for your life.


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