The World

God made us for a reason,
To give life and hope.
To respect and love.
The life that we create
The memories we make.
The love we should always give.
Respect we need to give.
The wisdom in our hearts,
We always cry alot.
We all made the same
We have our heads
and we think with the brain.
So why we always judge
and give that big old grudge.
Who’s prettier or ugly.
Who’s nicer or bad.
We shouldn’t take things for granted.
We should make our lives very happy.
Look what the world came to
The hate, the rape and the killing we do.
Look what the world has to give
and we always take, but we don’t give.
We need to change the world,
Since we the people can bring back the only hope.
The war, the hate we have.
It’s not gonna get us anywhere.
We need to start to fight.
Other wise will regret it for life.
For the things we do.
They not always will come true.
The world has given us.
A lot of hate and loss.
Why do we have so much hate?
The drama that we always create.
Why do we have to kill
It makes my heart just ill.
The world gives us food and shelter.
and we even take that for granted.
So why don’t we change our world.
Clean up, give life and hope.
Respect and give the love.
Help others in need.
and be together indeed.
I think I expressed my thoughts.
Maybe it’s not so late
So why don’t you just give it a chance.
Maybe there’s something for you.
Hope and it might come true.


4 thoughts on “The World

  1. The fact is each and every individual has to realize this and work towards it. Unless otherwise, nothing can be improved.

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