The "NUMBER" tag :) =))

Kaka had number tagged me and so here goes my answers.. And thanks Kaka.

1 One Life— It doesn’t matter whether we have another birth or not but I think we should treat this as our only life and live to the fullest. And Live it our way.

2 Two lovely sisters : Both of them are younger and more mature and serious than

3 Things I can do unconditionally Sleep, Read and Eat 🙂

4 Things I am pleased to have good parents, confidence, easy come-easy go attitude and my listening skills.

5 Things high on my wish list– visit my sister in leeds, go to salem to meet my cousins(I miss them), meet my blogger friend Raji , go to that educational trip to US and get first rank in college.

6 Six singers/bands I like– Shakira, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Backstreet boys, Miley Cyrus(a new addition), Akon,… and lots more

7 Seven Things I don’t like– betrayal, loneliness, corruption, female harassment, Child Molestation, anger and eating vegetables(lol) 😛

8 Eight things I love– Chocolates, late night movies, rain, friends, Ice Creams, attention & Blogging

9 Things I need currently – a true friend, some more pocket money, KFC Zinger and bucket chicken, upgrade my laptop with webcam and 4GB RAM, a Chelsea t-shirt to present for my bro, hot chocolate with whipped cream on top( mouth watering huh), HTC phone, a good paid job to support myself and my sisters & a chocolate truffle immediately.. 😛

10 Ten widgets a-must for any blog….
About me( pple have to know about you to read your blog), Recent comments, Feedjit, Archives, Blog roll, Clock, listed @ Technorati and other blogs sites for pple to know that your blog exists n to read it, Bookshelf and Adsense i.e if you want to make some money out of your blog.
I tag Anand, Raji, Shankar, Aishu, Libre, Angie and Nikhil.. Waiting to see you guys answer it..

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