Unnai Pol Oruvan

I’m a great great great great to the power of infinity fan of Kamal Hasan. I always looked forward to his movies and I’m looking forward to this one too. I’ve heard that he doesn’t show any kind of heroism in his movie. But of course, its a remake of the Hindi movie- A WEDNESDAY. Music is composed by his daughter Shruti hasan. She tried her hand in acting and came out with her first flick in Hindi, Lucky with Imraan Khan which dint give her a good break. Lets hope this one atleast does it to her in music. Here is the Trailer and Promo Song of the movie. I usually don’t like remakes but I’m expecting this one after seeing the trailer in satyam the other day. So here it is for your eyes:


3 thoughts on “Unnai Pol Oruvan

  1. 'A Wednesday' is a good movie…Not sure how far UPO is going to justify it with a remake…But Kamalhaasan in this movie trailer reminds me of the old 'Nammavar' Kamalhaasan…

  2. Really Kamal has rocked in the movie along with the other legend Mohan lal…

    Kamal through his natural 'n' subtle acting, showed the anger and the feelings of a common man… and can see some of the Nathigan face of Kamal in this movie too…

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