Unnai Mudhal Murai Partha Podhu Yarpadatha ondru,

Unnai Parka Parka than Thondriyadhu!!

Indhu Kadhal ah?


Aam! Indhu Kadhal than,

Anal Un Mel Ala.

Nee Aval Mel Vaithi Irukum

Kadhal Medhu.

PS: I stopped studying Tamil in class 8th because I hated my Tamil Teacher but then I realised years later that I am missing one of the best part of being an Tamilian. This is my first attempt to write a tamil Kavithai. It might sound like Dhanush’s Dialogue but I really liked the pun in it. This is to you Sriram – Senthamizhan


2 thoughts on “Kavithai

  1. hey great attempt man! so happy u said its for me!! keep writing man! proud to be a thamizhan! its really good not like dhanush and all! even ppl say min is like t.r so never mind and write!! visit my blog too just now started trying to upload all my works!! srirammohanram.blogspot.com

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