Eeram – A touching reality

” Trust Your Life Partner, don’t care about how he/she was in the past, Just see how he/she is at present and how he/she is going to be in future”

Trust does it exist these days. My friends, I’m not writing a review on Eeram but this piece of dialogue struck me very hard. Since I’m at home , because I’m sick for the past two day. I dint have much work to do rather than watch this movie. Life is all about trusting everyone else around you but now is it possible these days. My father cannot even trust his own brother. They had this huge fight yesterday morning which totally put me off as well as increase my fever. I usually don’t show out my emotions but yesterday seeing my dad shout at his brother like he has never done before made me to rethink about trusting anybody for that matter.

Now coming back to the movie, trusting your life partner!! I knew a friend of mine who loved his guy very sincerely but after they got married it was always fights. I mean who doesn’t fight these days, but the root causes of these fights were not trusting each other, Ego and other personal issues. Main thing was she found that the guy was having an affair with another woman twice her age. When she confronted him about it, he blankly said that she was not able to satisfy him and this was only after 3 months of marriage. She had to divorce him but that he pleaded her not to let go of him. I even remember seeing him fall on her legs when he had come to her house to ask her to take him back. Since they had to live together atleast for a year, she agreed to go to his house. He was normal for a month and then again he started seeing the same woman. My friend thought this was the limit and left him just like that. Finally, now she is in a good job, living with her parents but all the perverse men are waiting to lay their hands on her whenever they could get the chance. This is a reality and she is living it. I’m not saying that its only the men who are under the fault. I know a few women who are betraying their husbands. This isn’t life. Lies, betrayal and all, just for the mere sake of sex. It totally ruins not only their lives but also the kids.


3 thoughts on “Eeram – A touching reality

  1. well trust once breached is very difficult to come back….it may be stretched upto that point where u end up trusting noone… depends upon wat u have been through,the type of people who surround u and all… is the essence to any realtionship not only bf-gf thing but also friendship and all…so the statement is not valid totally…

  2. well wen doubt and ego raise their ugly head in a relationship ……the trust lowers its head down. Distrust is one of the major reason for many families breaking apart. Very important is to trust and believe yourself which if lost u r in shatters

  3. Really a very good movie to watch and learn a few thoughts too…

    'Trust' – is the root of any relationship… and it is most important in the case of marital relationships…

    No one is perfect in this world… Every humans have done some mistakes in their life… If one get to know our partner's past dark life, a gentle pat on his/her back and a warm hug will take that partner out of the guilty… Even is he/she has the old thoughts, they will start living a new life from that point of time…

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