Don’t forget our memories

Sometimes in life I feel like I get nowhere
And there’s nothing that can compare

I just don’t know what to do
And there’re millions of things I wish I could just undo

I wish I could just go back and fix everything
And I would have stopped yelling

I knew it wasn’t getting anywhere
And I should have known you do care

Sometimes I think you didn’t; in the back of my mind
And I wish I could just rewind

It’s in the past
And our love; I wish you were my last

But we’ve moved forward
And I’ve always wondered

Do you still love me?
And are you enjoying the the new company?

I’ll be honest, I miss you
And you two?

She’ll never know you like I do
And whatever you do don’t forget me

I’ll never forget you either
And here comes another chapter

I’ll stop getting those feelings when I talk about the memories
And they’ll just be stories

I’ll miss you; but know the memories never disappear
And when I think about you they’ll always appear


One thought on “Don’t forget our memories

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