Updates! Updates!! Updates!!!

1.Watched the latest Kamal Hassan’s Movie UPO (unnai pol oru van). The movie about a not-so-common man. I don’t think terrorism can be eradicated by terrorism. I mean I cannot even imagine my dad( definitely a common man) thinking about violence. May be big shots common men like Kamal can…:)

2. Life can be tooooo boring if you have 72 subjects to study. So am I bored? Yes. I’m totally exhausted. I need a little break to come back with a big bang for the upcoming placements.

3. Friends?? Okay that’s definitely a big question mark(?). Really cannot realize whether I will ever get a good friend. I miss all my friends- good or bad. Just unbelievable for a people- person like me.

4. Blog. Due to the facts mentioned in the above list, my imagination is stuck. I really cannot get anything in my mind except sadness which is really too boring for me. I need positive energy to get on with anything.

5. Presentation- I have this BIG presentation coming up for my Mergers and Acquisition class which is going to be huge for me because I’ve worked my heart and soul into it!! I just wanna give my best. I realized that these presentations give me the best of confidence that I’ve had in my life till now.

6. GOTA- Global Opportunities to Threat and Analysis. It is a program to give us global exposure on the global companies and their strategies. Basically and frankly, its foreign trip which is paid for along with the tution fees that we pay for this MBA program. They are yet to take us to this trip which has taken the longest time ever and we had a long talk(fight) with our Dean about it.

7.Mission Separation- My class has got a new pair of love birds who are totally not so perfect for each other. Since I belong to the group which is trying to separate them even though I don’t give a damn about them, I’m getting squeezed between them. (God, please help me, I hate this business).

8. College- Being in the final trimester in which we will be having classes, I am going to miss each one of them. So planning to do something special for all my classmates. Hoping that it will come out well.

9. Anger- I hardly get angry but off late, I cannot control them. Even though, it wasn’t my fault on this particular issue, I shouldn’t have scolded my friend so badly. Sorry, Vijay. Peace !!

10. I miss my sister since she has left for UK for her higher Education. I wish she is okay there.

7 thoughts on “Updates! Updates!! Updates!!!

  1. >It not terrorism eradicated by terrorism.. terrorism can be eradicated by common man.. if he is clever…. great film… great concept…

  2. >@ Shankar – but thats what he has depicted in the movie. Of course a great movie and great script. something no one is brave enough to attempt but violence is not the ends of violence- just more violence like fire on fire…

  3. >if you are saying fire on fire.. I would see it as (-) on (-).. (-) * (-) = +…thats what the story is about….remember the lines… when terrorism is instant..why cant justice be???

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