>Ending life

>Its hard to get away from life, easier to end life rather than face the agony, pain, sorrow or shame. Yes, all of us have to go through pain or sorrow @ some point of our life even the TATAs and BIRLAs have to face it. These are just a mile stone for us to grow using this. All failures are stepping stones to success. Someone, somewhere, knew that life isn’t about dying!!

I got a call from an old friend today!! She was crying when I picked up the call. I asked her what was the problem? She said that the guy she loved for more than 3 years has rejected her and married a rich girl. She was ashamed to face her parents since she was stubborn about marrying him all these years. She has been crying for the past one month, not going to office regularly or eating properly. All she could think about was DYING. She told me that she wanted to talk to me about this before she died. Little did she realize that I could get her out of it by the time the call was over. I thanked god for once for giving me the power of convincing her. It took me about 3 hours of talking. It was unbelievable how Love can change us. She was scared about the relationship which she had with him. They were intimate and sexually involved. I had to tell her that this was the end of everything. She was scared about her future and what would the husband think about her.. Obviously, all these thoughts clouded her like hell. Pavam. I pity her.. She was such a sensible person. So responsible about what she wanted to do in life yet when it came to love, she chose the wrong guy. I had to convince her that life has to go on. I made her promise that she wouldn’t try anything stupid again. I hope it doesn’t occur in her minds again.
In India, more than 1,00,000 people die due to suicide in a year which is a very sad thing.  Love, family pressure, loneliness, health issues, failures, loss, exams et all are some of the reason for people to suicide. Sneha, this is an NGO which is a suicide prevention helpline. It helps people to get out of these feeling of ending life. If these depressed people talk about their situation, they have 70% chance of getting out of the emotion. I volunteered once and I got a girl from a girl who was in her first year of college and she was devastated because some A** Hole harassed her sexually while travelling to a nearby place. Since that area was quite and no one around, he took advantage of her. Thank god, she dint get raped but she was very upset about it and this was killing her. No one to talk to. She could tell it to anyone. I cried while talking to her, so I gave the call to one of the seniors who handled her call and convinced her not to do anything stupid. When I still think about it, I start to get tears from my eyes. Its so bad, don’t you think. You can also volunteer to help bring life to another human. I did and I got the sense of satisfaction that none other activity in my life would give.
You can contact them through the website Sneha, or call up the number 044-2460050. Help bring back life.They are open 24hrs a day.


2 thoughts on “>Ending life

  1. >Interesting reading..Took a little longer than usual to read because the text colour is too light.I hope you'll change the font colour to make it more easier to read. Thanks..

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