>Sindhanai Sei…

>I’ve been inspired by a fellow student to write Tamil kavithai. He is a person who gives importance to Tamil culture and other traditions. He calls himself Sriram Senthamizhan. Here is his Kavithai in Tamil for you


Aridhana Manidhanai pirathandhil varutham..
Perithaga yethayum seyyathate ithan artham..
Thadam marum manam..
Ithuvae manithanin gunam..
Verrumayil orrumai enbathu pechu…
Kudigaran pechu vidincha pochu..
Ulagil undu ore madam..
Pinbu en intha arthamatra perumidam..
Manidhanai vida mirugame siranthathu..
Itharku karanam sindhanai eranthathu..
– Sriram Senthamizhan.


5 thoughts on “>Sindhanai Sei…

  1. >Even though I speak decent tamil and have ben a a resident of chennai for a deacde,ur tamil post fly over my head.. 😦 Cud u add a translated version too so that it reached many more people effectively?? :)Love,Nikhil

  2. >""Verrumayil orrumai enbathu pechu…Kudigaran pechu vidincha pochu..""Thaaru maaru Raji!!Kudos to the writer!!Thozharin kavidhai miga arumai!!'….inba thaen vandhu paayuthu kaadhinile….'

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