>The Indian Dream


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 I was keeping this window open for more than 2 hours and wondering what to write and how to approach this topic. Quite confused on how to go about with it. Well, I hope this approach is what I’m here to convey and you would like it too!!

The Indian dream
This topic can be dealt with various approaches but for me, I think we should take into account the time factor also. Like for example we would want to see this “type” of India by 2020 or 2025 or something like that.
So I would like to get with my argument what I would want to see in my India by  2050.
I would like to convey my thoughts through a small story.

The classic middle class in 2050(India).
 “Dad, today, in class my teacher was telling about how India was in the year 2009 and I couldn’t believe when she said we had so many poor people. I’ve never heard of the word ” POVERTY” until today.” , squealed the 15 year old son.

Dad replies, ” Son, there was a time when India was so populated, we barely had space to stand, but that population has been the backbone of our nations growth to this level. Yes, we had something called as “POVERTY”. ” 

The son gasped. ” So were we also poor?”

” Oh yes we were… I remember going to school in an auto which doesn’t exist in India anymore, but you can see them in America. Why don’t you bring my looptop(our laptop), so that I can gooooooogle(now 10 million dollar company ) it for you.”

” Dad, haven’t I told you not to use gooooooogle, its not techie enough like our infy search(Infosys now 100 billion dollar company who outsources all their work to the European countries because they are more cost effective than the Indian)”

” Son, you know I’ve got used to goooooogle so please don’t force me to use anything else.”

” But dad, we are Indians, how can we use another countries search engine which is also so boring, btw. Come on dad, even Shasha uses Infy and she is just 2 years old.”

 “Lets talk about this later. Now let me get to the point about poverty. We also had something called as Corruption.Don’t be surprise to know all this really existed in India.(looking at his son’s face ) They were totally eradicated by the new Prime minister Mr. Rahul Gandhi, in the year 2020.”

“Oh ya!! Rahul Gandhi, he’s the man. Remember that email I got from him thanking me for the idea on saving  America from the deeeeep depression. I also heard that he talked to Vimala last thursday over the t-chat on the togglenet. ( Innovative Idea from Tech Mahindra Satyam which later became the top notch IT solution company in the world.)”

“We never had even the chance of meeting our Prime Ministers those days. This concept of making Politics into an friendly manner was the best thing that happened after the fall of the then so-called-best economy USA”

“But dad, lets compare the things which we have now in 2050 and then in 2009, when you were in your teens. I think this will be quite interesting for my upcoming thesis work for school.”

“I was very naughty as a teen, son and the day I met your mother in the blue T-shirt was the day I realised she was everything.”

” T- Shirt?? What was that clothing?? I prefer to wear my dhoti to college and cannot wait to get out of my uniform. BTW, I would want to definitely meet my wife in a Saree  rather than anything else.( This is in 2050, don’t ask me why??)

” We had many terrorist attack those days and finally it  took us some years to figure out that we’ve had enough of terrorism and it was talked over to the Pakistan(now a friendly neighbouring country) which was sorted out through non-violence.”

“Ah, so thats why we don’t buy guns anymore and they don’t make any new nuclear weapons!!”

“Yes, Well India played the major part in that. You see,son, those days we would dream to have an India like today but we always thought it would definitely be only a dream but people like me who were young those days made sure that the next gen would not become what we were those days. So hats off to all those youth who dreamed to have the better India. BTW, We called it ” The Indian Dream!! And Son, you are living it.”

 “Thanks dad, for those great insight on India. Don’t worry no more because we are here to take your position of keeping India where it is today.And we shall always treasure its glory”

I hope I conveyed what I was wanting to tell. I tried to do something different. In my opinion, ” The Indian Dream” doesn’t always have to be a dream but it can also happen in reality if people like us work towards it. I know that we are heading towards it and we will make it in the near future. Until then, Lets join and march towards the better India which we are all dying to see.. All the best to everyone. Jai Hind!!! 

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43 thoughts on “>The Indian Dream

  1. >Hey u really approached the topic in an alluring way :)Btw cud u change the text colour from Green to any other colour ? ,coz its kinda difficult to read with that colour …anyways gr8 postkeep bloggingcheers!!!!

  2. >yo now i could add a comment…the idea of a future conversation is good..u managed to speak some really harsh points..like the 2 yr old using using internet,…scares the hell out of me…but overall the idea and the execution was cool..i would have wanted a little(just little) subtle colours..like dirty green instead of a bright green..rahul PM,,,,no comments 😛

  3. >@ Narendra- My five year old cousin uses internet to play games.. I think anything would be possible in 2050 even Rahul becoming PM. Who knows may be he does turn out pretty well.. Sorry abt colours. Trying to change but not happening

  4. >very nice thoughts Rajalakshmi… :)even though its too optimistic its so nice 🙂 but why America should fall for our rise…we are humans… we must live together without any differences…

  5. >ya sure..i know kids are no longer kids..they are now capable of slapping you when you spill ur dinner on your shirt!!!this ability of youth should be a tool to build new India and not a weapon to destroy ourselves..I so much wish Swami Vivekananda,Netaji,Mahatma ,Tilak so on…were with us to guide usabout rahul….LOl..for me he is that kid playing video games…get us more dynamic ppl..not dynastic!!well that is my thought about it..nothing to offend anyone..

  6. >This is like a dream for India… children not knowing what poverty is… but I hope we become rich and America also remains rich and we all live happily together – no nuclear weapons and lots of sports and travel and cultural exchange!! 🙂

  7. >A very different approach to the concept- Indian dream!!After reading all your posts, am scared like hell!! I have to start writing now only!!I loved ur idea..Infy search? (U love infy eh?? Why cant it be tcs or wipro?)Togglenet is a new concept!!Wow wow!!I loved it!

  8. >A wishful dream I must say … but regarding Poverty don't you think 2050 is too early I mean Swami Vivekanda to Rajiv Gandhi all have spoken of poverty less country but still the numbers are sizable but yes we can say a majority of them will not be poor thats a possibility and lets see where our twitter savvy leaders of the day take us…

  9. >Rajalakshmi, A very novel concept. Loved it. I hope we are all that and more by 2050. I loved that your story foresaw us solving all of India's problems by 2050..@Narendra, Like Rajalakshmi said of the 5 year old, my 3.5 year old can boot up our computer open a browser and go to Noggin, PBSKids, Disney stored in favorites apart from of course playing games there once in ! 🙂 Looks like our kids are/will be a lot smarter than what we were. My 3.5 year old has computer classes at school as well..

  10. >@ Dhiman- its quite simple to just provide the people with common needs such as 3 meals a day, shelter and clothing.. Thats all it takes to eradicate poverty. Hoping that it would happen sooner

  11. >wow.. really a good take on the topic… india in 2050.. let us hope we will be alive till that time to watch india grow along with us…

  12. >Super post raji. i liked the way you gave details in very natural conversation unlike someone giving lectures and the other replying yes or no. Only thing i found a bit turn off was the colors u used. I wonder how our cricket team will do in 2050.

  13. >Hey Raji, um so sorry for not responding 2 ur query in time. Myslf forgot tht i've askd evryone to put up queries in previous post:)I see ur pblm is solvd now! Will rtrn 2 read this post soon enuf:)

  14. >Tat was a great post! The way you conveyed it through a dialogue between a dad and son is a good thought…It's not only listening topics like this but making the dream live is indeed an Indian dream 🙂 I have high hopes that India would become one such as you potrayed here…Jai Hind!!!

  15. >"Something different and sweet. A vivid football fan I suppose.. All the best"Yes, football is the best… all the rest er….. suck(?) [couldn't rhyme!]

  16. >The presentation was great! And you made your point with subtlety and simplicity. But India can be what it has the potential to be, without any comparisons. Just being great (not greater) also works. And, yes, it is us who needs to work towards reclaiming the glory. Great job!

  17. >*Goosebumps*This is indeed a lovely and unique approach to the given topic!Loved reading it. Very optimistic, indeed.(Recommending the usage of subtle colors to match your blog layout.)

  18. >Wonderful post Raji! Yes we will make India a dream come true India by 2050!All the new technical Ideas like infy and toogle are best!

  19. >hmmmm.. in my post, towards the end, I've mentioned one thing – There is a thin line between optimism and wishful thinking. We must not transgress it.I feel somehow that this post transgresses it by all means.Nonetheless, some of the future inputs were amusing and way u presented them made for a good read:)

  20. >Girl, thanks a tonne for liking my Indian dream! :DAs for your comment, I'll reply to it pronto. You see I am replying to those over sensitive boys first! lol…But you write your post, too. I'll wait for it! 🙂

  21. >nice one… hope the indian dream comes true one day …liked the outsourcing to europe part…lol …keep it coming …nice thoughts

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