>Two Things….

>Very important two things I miss now a days…

1. My sister who left for higher education and I’m unable to get out of the thoughts how she cries every time we talk to her… She is so innocent, all these days wrapped in the arms of my father and suddenly let out free to live on her own. It will take her quiet some time to settle down.

2. My blog- I hardly blog these.. I read all the other posts of my fellow blogger but just unable to write what I have in my mind. I have so many things to talk about yet I am unable to get words. Maybe its because of reason 1 or may be??  Then I thought, was I being lazy?? I am never lazy when it comes to blogging.. This is something that I do whole heartedly and love every second of it.. So it must be reason 1. So gimme sometime.. I’m yet to figure out to put words on the posts. I’ll make sure to come out with a bang


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