>A Tribute to Fall-winter 2008-10/Finance-2 IIPM,Chennai


This is about my class the one which I’ve studied and changed for just to be with them. This is going to the last few more months that we will all be seeing each other and after that, god knows where we will be. I love my class and I’m very proud of each and everybody, no matter what. It is said the post grads students are more mature and know how to behave and are responsible but my class.(PGP/fw0810/f2) has the worst of records for being the worst Post Graduation Class in the history of IIPM. We are so naughty, arrogant, always getting into trouble, thinking out of the box, we never study, copy in exams, play most of the time. Our presentations are the worst sometimes but also the best most of the time. 1st semester in the history, we had 40 arrears in marketing which never happens in any class as we all love our professor, Mr . Satheesh Krishnamurthy. Enough of all the talk about how irresponsible and arrogant we are.

This post is about each and every person in my class. its going to be quite a lengthy one and split it into smaller ones since we have about 45 in class, so please excusez-moi !! :), but I’ll make sure you’ll enjoy reading every minute of it!!!

Very important note: I am not being bias with anybody. This is my perception about you.


Roll No:1 Mohamed Arif – We call him “Call rep” ,  “Mechanic”, “Computer operator”, etc… RF is a very sweet and funny guy!! always there when you need him. He has a Dubba (useless) Yamaha bike. Takes all the college magazines and puts it in the old paper shop and takes the money. Actually these magazines are meant for us to read but we don’t so as well make money out of it.  RF is like the best commentator in class. We comment lots of stuff when the class are going on. RF is one in a million and “US Goner”( a term coined by Ram Prasad, who will come in the later part of these posts) meaning a person going to US. Glad to have known you !!

Roll No:2 Arun Chakaravathy- The King of masses. The cute, chubby and very friendly Arun. Where to start?? One of the first few friends who stand by me every time. He is a man of the problems. Arun is very naughty!! Keep giving against statements. Arun is very close to my heart and will always be there. I share a very special kind of friendship with him. We’ve shared a lot and in class, we always sit together. Talk a lot during lectures about jobs, placements, life, love, friendship, family, cooking( well he teaches me that). He is the demo guy. He hates coming to college such a lazy goose and blames others for it which I keep telling not to do. Arun, The bond between us should never break. Hope so.

Roll No:3 Mrs. Priyanka – The married woman in class!! Strict officer. I don’t blame her for being that. I admire her sense of control over the things in her life. She lives with a fellow classmate as the husband is in Australia. She was kinda close to me at the beginning of the college and then things changed. We had a lot difference of opinion and she has a attitude problem. If anyone asks her for help, then she’ll be like “ Do I have to” or “ Why should I help you?”  Some times, things get too annoying when she comment on every presentation which goes on. She is authoritative and like to be the Boss. She is kinda okay something. I like her self- confidence and hate her behaviour and attitude. May be that’s wrong for me!! She is a unique piece, btw. No substitutes there, Priyanka. Good to have met a character like you in my life.

Roll No:4 This guy left my class. I don’t even remember the name… There are certain specimens like that. 🙂

Roll No:5 Shankar – Shanki is a very sincere and loyal person. This does not include the main purpose of joining this college- Academics. Shankar stays in a house with a few guys from the same class. They always come in and go out as a gang. Shankar loves his girl and he is constantly on the phone with her. He is such a jolly good fellow.. And likes this girl called Shivangi in class. ( hope that poom doesn’t know about it ). He is a sweetheart and lacks the confidence !! I think he is a very able and capable person who will do great things in the future, only if he concentrates on them. Shankar hats off to you. Thanks for being my friend.

Roll No:6 Dhilip Kumar- This guy is looks small but is intellectually capable of lot of things. He knows when and what to do. He joined in the second year as he came from other section as we where shifted. Kinda like this padips in class( geek), sweet, innocent, talks a lot.  He is ready to help anybody.  Dhilip is cool and gives all this work on time. Never misses out to have fun along with my class. Its great to know you.

To be continued….


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