>The tribute continues..

>Roll No:7 Fadil: Referred as fidil or lots of others things which I dont want to mention. Thats because I said no bias. lol. Fadil is a great guy!! He is quite and sweet. He is sort of like a loner in class. Nobody pays attention to him but that guy has some serious thought process and knows what he does. He gets irritated by most of my classmates but don’t really care about it. The attitude I like in him. I think he should be more attentive and more punctual in class( who talking about that!!)
Roll No 8 and 9 have also left class and joined the other section.
Roll No: 10 Hariharan Nothing much to write.. I don’t know what to say…
Roll No:11 left the building. Its stupid this college doesn’t remove them and replace the roll numbers below…
Roll No:12 Jagdev Small boy. hardly seen in class or college. appears once in a while like the rains in Chennai. Nothing much to say but he has a lot of talent at that very young age..
Roll No:13 Jayesh According to me, he is the only one who is and acts like an MBA in class. Jayesh is well composed and good in things that he does. He is like this only intelligent guy in class who asks sensible questions which are accepted by the faculty. He is a hard core banker and atleast knows where he wants to be in his life( unlike like others with no sense of responsibility). Good guy, easy-going and I love your smile. So keep smiling which is the best thing about you!! 🙂
Roll no:14: left the building!!
Roll No: 15 Mukesh : He never attends class except for test so nothing much about him from my side, may be the guys would know something!!!


One thought on “>The tribute continues..

  1. >This was something new that i came across in a blog :)Very soothing to read some nostalgic posts of college life :)kalakitinga ponga :)Hope ur coll buddies read this post :)keep bloggingcheers!!!

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