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The hottest topic of the day being love and love marriages. I was quite curious to find out how many people in my class are really into love and love marriages since we were discussing about it. As usual the guys were all joking about it by saying that they would get married to a girl and then divorce her within in the next three months and then get going with another girl. Then this thing struck me, let me check about the divorce rates in India.Here is something I felt about it.

Marriages in different parts of the world are done differently.In olden days, tribal men kidnap girls from other tribes to marry them. In the western world, as we know it, they have the right to “choose” the person they prefer on the basis of love. In India, a common practices was arranged marriage. It is said that the divorce rate have a direct impact on the level of choosing their own spouse.i.e. Love marriages. And according the research, it is happened only in the recent times.

If you see the picture below, you will find that India, compared to all the other countries has the lowest divorce rate but is increasing certainly at a very high speed during the past decade.divorcerate1_1_1 Divorcerate2_2_1

Even though India still enjoys a low divorce rate, the rapid increase in the number of divorce petitions being filed in Indian courts is certainly a matter of concern. The Indian divorce rate is although the lowest in compared to the rest of the countries of the world, but the present marital scenario in India is likely under a threat. The very will to keep on with the sacred union even under numerous marital disputes and disparities has mellowed with time and transformation of ideologies.

And if you trace out the reasons for these divorces, you will find that the blame has been placed on the women empowerment, the literacy rate and the financial independency.

  • Lets look at the reasons for the increasing rate of divorces in India:
  • 1. Earlier when the women divorced she was faced with social criticisms. They believed that the parents would not accept them and think of them as a burden. But times are changing now. The parents feel and understood the fact that it is not the end of the daughter’s life if she was divorced.
  • 2. Due to factors such as Globalization and IT boom, the social life has become faster. The couples aren’t spending enough times with each other and also in this fast paced world nobody is bothered about social ill- effects or rather not effect the glare of the society.
  • 3. With the advent of women education, they are not anymore depend on the men for their financial needs. Therefore, she doesn’t have to anymore stand the abuse and harass made by the men. She can get out of it and get on with her life on her own or as well as the kids, if any.
  • But are these the only reason why we are moving into the different
  • pace, and don’t you think that the above mentioned reasons are fair
  • enough and logical for the betterment of the better half, WOMEN.
  • PS: I am not being bias here. I still believe that there are some real men who take care of their wives as if they were Queen and Hats off to you all.. This post is dedicated to my dad because he belongs to that category.

4 thoughts on “>Talking about divorce…

  1. >I had discussed this same topic in my blog :)"Emotional is what most couples are these days who fall in love & dash ahead to their marriage.All these couples think that its True Love but is it ?.Whats the rush to get married when you don't have a True Love!"This is an extract from my post "Love ends in Marriage ?????"…

  2. >heyThanks for blog rolling me, have blog rolled you too 🙂 Nice thought.. Divorce is increasing because people find it easier to break relations and make new ones..I agree that some divorces happen and it is in the best interest of all the parties involved as its better to live a happy life alone than a traumatic life together…That said , the other part is people today fall in love in 1 week get married in the next and obviously go for divorce a few weeks later… the defination of love is changing .. and that needs to be corrected.. Keep Writing and Smiling 🙂

  3. >This is all thanks to our favorite Hollywood actors who made it seem like it's okay to get a divorce. Seriously, if you don't think you can handle the responsibilities of being married, don't even think of getting married. It's as easy as that.

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