>If I were a baby again


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mother holding baby I was completely out of ideas when it comes to thinking about this topic. I mean what can be done. So then I decided and asked my mom. She said, “ how will remember what you did as a baby?” Then I said, “ Chumma, think amma, Try to visualize what you would to do as a baby" Then it struck me, why not ask various people about what they would do if they were a baby again. So here goes my post on what the people around me would do if they were a baby again:

My mom, “ I would want to be with my grandpa, whom i loved so much but only lived for a short time after I was born. So I miss him and his memories. I want to live with him again.”

My dad, “ hmmmmmm, Raji don’t you have exams tomorrow ? Why aren’t you studying? Don’t disturb me.( after I insisted) Well, I would want to cuddle my mother and cry to her to get the attention which I miss so much now.”( my grandmother passed away recently)

My perverted friend, Arun, “ Dai machan, you know what, I would drink milk from all the women. ( I gave him a nicely for that kinda answer)

My Sweet Sister, “ I really don’t know raji. Amma, what did I do as a baby? “ My mom starts off with all the baby talks she did while my sister was a baby. So then later after an hour, She said, “ You know what I would want to do if I become a baby again, I would want to do exactly the same stuff I did but this time I want it all to be video taped so that I could see it all the time in the future.

My dreamy friend, Vinoth, “Raji, unaku vera vellayae illa ya?( Don’t you have any other work?) but if I were a baby again, I would like to learn ABC and 123 as soon as possible and become a doctor at the age of 10.”( ya rite.. he really wanted to be one. but I never thought he could want to do this at that young age.)

My new friend, Jyo,” Raji, i would want to walk with you hand in hand at that young age, so that we would be friends forever.” (She touched my heart, Thanks Jyo)

Him,” Raji, i want to be born to you. I want to live as your son so that I would receive all that love which I get now as a FRIEND, as your son. I’m sure to get more then..” 😦

My kutti cousin Pooja(5 yrs old), “ Akka, How do we get babies?” I was puzzled. I said, “ Ask your mother.” She ran away, kept pestering her for an answer. Then she came back to me and said, “ I don’t want to be a baby again. I want to grow up like you and have a laptop!!” ( what can i say? I’m a borne influencer!!!)

Last but not that least, Me, “ I wouldn’t want to do anything I do as a adult. I would do everything that a baby would do : Smile, cry, eat and sleep and also smile while I’m sleeping. I’ve always wondered why these babies smile while they are sleeping!!! My mom says that they talk to GOD while they are at sleep. See now, that’s what I would want to do. Talk to the Almighty ask him to play with me.

PS: This is a simple post. It might not be funny or romantic or whatever you want to call it, but I felt that this post is full of emotions because few people were almost in tears when they told me what I’ve written like my dad, vinoth and Jyo. It might be nothing for us but it means something to all of them. I hope you like it…
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PPS: BTW, This is my 250th post… Yipee!!! 🙂 I dedicate it to my parents and blogger friends.. Love you all


43 thoughts on “>If I were a baby again

  1. >this is really nice of you to ask people around you about their feelings,this has really given them a moment of happinessgr8 workgood luck

  2. >I loved what the 5 year old said " want to grow up and have a laptop 🙂 ". Just yesterday my 3 year old asked me not to disburb her while she was working ! lol, these kids..It was nice of you to ask people for perspectives ..Good Luck !

  3. >Nice take…the whole survey thing to get different opinions. I liked the 5 year olds curiosity re where babies come from! You've opened a can of worms there… :DAnd congrats on your 250th post!

  4. >Good luck to win the '2 states' Raji! I was not aware of this blog-a-ton since I read yours..Probably will try my hand in the next edition 🙂

  5. >@ Raji: I was just wondering the same thing. I mean I completed 3 BAT and you dint notice it huh.. I thought you weren't interested. I hope I get the book.. but there are a lot of really good post from others.. You should definitely participate in the next one..

  6. >oh shit..I should have replied u in fb.. so that my name would have been here…. but you asked everyone including ur mom?? thats nice…. really unique one i have to say…

  7. >You: "Controversy!! Yup you just blurred out your opinion on the topic. I dont want to see in my own pee again but we did, dint we??"Me: Yes, I do that a lot! Blur my own opinion. If we've already slept around in our own pee, I don't think I know why I'd want to do that again.

  8. >Beautiful post….a piece of everyone's childhood. This approach makes gives the post a unique feel.Great going,Do visit my post to athttp://worldofteenager.blogspot.com/2009/11/if-i-were-baby-again.html

  9. >Hey Raji, anothr sweet post.. this time blog-a-ton cn cause diabetes, i blive :)Well, thr were all the emotions in the post nd yes, they were true and could be felt deep inside 🙂

  10. >A sweet post 🙂 I guess your mom and I think alike (about the grandfather thingy). Loved the reply from your chotu cousin. such a cute reply :)And congrats for completing 250 posts girl!! that's really something!! 🙂

  11. >When babies smile in sleep – reminds me of what my Mom used to tell us on this. In Marathi, we refer the Goddess 'Satavai', believed to be the God of small babies. She makes small babies smile! Good One 😉

  12. >Raji, I loved the content. The errors are a few in grammar. It is not that I am nitpicking but they stand out and divert attention from the content. I think it was a nice take on the theme.Good luck!CheersHiyaa

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