>Watch or it will fade away



India is not a new market for the fine watch industry. Brands like Cartier, Patek Philippe and Harry Winston have had their roots in designing special pieces for Indian Maharajas. salarwal

Recent year records indicate that the Mobile showrooms have more fan following than the ones selling watches. Is it because we have lost interest in keep up the time or wearing the watch itself. In fact mobile phones are now viewed as an add-on investment by the average customers and the watch is an “expense”!!! The watch seems to have taken the second priority when it is considered for keeping track of time. Why has the trend changed ??

I remember wearing a watch 2000 bucks when I was in 8th standard. This was a gift from my dad for getting good marks in exams. I used to wear it to school only on special occasions. I stole a few glances from both students as well as teachers.. Wearing a watch worth 2000 bucks was a huge “status” symbol those days but now apparently every watch costs about 2000 bucks.. Array!! you get mobile phones for 2000 bucks.. why waste that money on a dumb watch.


Slowly the habit of wearing a watch has declined among the younger generation and many IT professionals. They have quit wearing a watch. Reason: time consciousness is a part of life and is moving into approximation like “TENISH” or “ Give me a call to confirm.” Unlike the concept of “Sharp Ten” of yester years and primarily the PDAs , mobiles and laptops display time as well as have more than needed features of the good old watch, such as FM, Reminders, Notes, Calculator, Directory and Games. In the recent times, many feel the watch as an inconvenience or a burden. Why duplicate facilities when the mobile phones(the habitual companion) can do the same job? Wearing a watch was necessity before the advent of mobile phones, now the watch segment has become a gift ” not used” or a gift “for the heck of it” if not based on esteem needs. Well now it looks like the mobile phones are satisfying all needs of Maslow!!!

PS: why did I write about watches?? because I saw about 50% of my class mates where not wearing a watch today even to exams and was irritating the invigilator as well as the other students writing the exam by asking for time, since Mobile phones are not allowed inside the exam hall..


10 thoughts on “>Watch or it will fade away

  1. >watch is seen as inconvenience now -a-days in work place .. Ive seen in hosp also doctors dont wear n when they take class they check their mobile for time ; its a bit awkward …

  2. >Very thoughtful of u to write such an article. Truly, people don like wearing watches..But at the same time, they wear it with matching straps! How weird!That exam stuffs happened in my coll too!!I still have a SONATA watched gifted by my mom for my birthday 2 years back!

  3. >I guess people think why to have two things that serve the same purpose (although mobile does things in addition)…But I love watches and I cant go out without it 🙂

  4. >" Don't turn your back on time !" my grand father would say when we let our watches lie around. I think it is about convenience and simplification. 20 years ago you had to have it as there was no mobile phone or TVs in every nook. Add to that if you relied on public transport to make it to work or school you had to have a sense of time. Mobiles, especially like the iPhone/Blackberry make phones so much more than just phones, so I would not blame them. But no watch in an exam ? That's un-pardonable..

  5. >I do not wear watch for the last ten years. Now everyone around has a watch, and can ask anyone about the time. When in office, PC shows time. And of course I use my handset to know the time during night.

  6. >You know i wear my watch 24/7 i never remove the watch but fro when i am bathing. Thats has taken a toll and i change watches every three or four months

  7. >well.. i dont like to wear watches.. but u see.. knowing this my best friend and my entire gang had purposefully got me a fastrack watch.. n it was costly too.. nw am wearing it regularly and i dont have any grudges against them.. but mathavangala watch podanumnu sollakodadhu.. its not a necessity..

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