“I’m sorry “; she said these as her last words. He was still holding her hands firmly, shocked, refusing to let her go.
He didn’t know what else to say. All he could think of was that she was leaving him for no reason. “There is nothing left to say”, “I’m sorry”.
She turned her back and ran away. But he stood there; shocked like he never was before. 
With tears falling from his eyes, he remembered her smile, her funny jokes, and her stupid mistakes. He was missing them already a while had passed before he found a paper in one of his books; she chose it to send her last words. The paper was a letter from his sweet heart, it said:

“… you did nothing wrong, trust me, you deserve more than the best. But it is time for me to go now, so just let my life as it was before and walk away. I’ll never know how I lost you. There is nothing left unspoken but… I love you.”
He read the paper till he fall asleep and every now and then, he reads it again. Trying to figure out the truth because he knew it was not “due to personal reasons” like she titled it, he was sure something was left unspoken but he could never find it.


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