>The cry

>This is something from me to contribute to the on-going climate changes in the world. I think that the fututre generation deserves a better planet to live in… I want my grandchildren to have clearer air and fresh water.. This is dedicated to mother Earth and us, the living being…. Every living being..

Everybody, hear this cry,
It’s Mother Earth’s turn to die.
All you’re doing, and all you’ve done,
You’re all killing her,
One by one.

Green trees
Lush grass
Oceans clear
Blue skies
Animals aplenty
Loving life

Waging war
Atomic bombs
Red skies
Maimed animals
Incinerated forests
Nuclear warfare
God help us….


5 thoughts on “>The cry

  1. >oh it is indeed a sad reality…wish we stop ruining our mother earth..at least for the sake of our future generation…nice work..

  2. >yup ryt time for this poem .. the saddest thing s that a Meeting to save our planet ended in street fights , developed countries blaming developing countries n vice versa .. more sad even India dint agree the Emission cuts saying it ll affect the industrial growth of the country ..

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