Money? What is it, a simple piece of paper that determines who you are in life. I guess we are all fooled because it only brings stress and misery to our life. Many assume that money can buy happiness but have you really thought about it. Can money really put a price on our smiles and laughs? If you answer yes than ,you tell me the price of your smile? I will tell you mine, mine, is priceless because money is nothing to me. Give me tons and tons of money also I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now. Some may criticize by saying that, my parents provide me with whatever I have. I strongly believe that my parents do it for the love of it. Yes, The love of having me as their child. I never pampered. Never. I have my priorities too!!

Money has become something that is needed everywhere. It steals your ability to think and to make sense of things. It helps you forget about your troubles but soon brings many more. People have gone to many extremes to get it and many have not been successful. So tell me what have you done? Have you stolen money from your mothers purse? Your friends? Have you done things that you regretted later in life? I hope that you haven’t but personally I haven’t but trust me I have thought about it. Its very tempting and its very difficult to prevent yourself from doing it. Our society shows us that money is everything and without it you are a nobody. It brings pressure to our life and causes many difficulties. What you have is no longer good enough, you need more much much more. Your morals are tested and you fail at it. Tell me can we really blame ourselves?

It has taken me a long time or a short time (depends on how you look at it) to accept that I’m never going to be wealthy or rich in life. Its not because I don’t think that I’m going to be successful but its because I now know that its either money or my happiness. And can you guess what I picked? I want to be able to see life and not regret who I am. To look at my life and see that its not about what I’m wearing or what kind of car I’m driving , its about who i am on the inside and the type of person i am. Its about people being able to trust me and about the person I present myself as. I think that everybody should look past money and see the person as who they are because in the end we are all going to end up in the same place, a grave. WE LIVE IN A MATERIALISTIC WORLD…

Its okay, I know money withdrawal is worse than being sober. It takes time and determination. You have to be able to want your freedom. You have to be able to accept the way life is. I know money is necessary to survive but if you have too much of it, trust me, you wont survive with it. The richest guy Bill Gates has a private pool around his bedroom with a couple of dolphins in it. The doctor has asked to do this because he felt that he wasn’t too happy in life. You think that he would be happy only if he watched the dolphins swim or play with him. Keep doing what your doing earn your living but don’t get side tracked. Remember who you are making that money for whether its your wife , husband, kids, friends or for yourself , remember that it cant put a price on your happiness.


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  2. >hey , well true that money cannot buy us priceless things like smile and happiness , yet money is something which cannot be ignored…We belong to that class who can earn enough to feed ourselves and buy the basic aminities . But there are those who can't afford even that , for them money means a lot .. Let me give an example , I happen to visit a slum during my internship ,I met a lady who had to relief herslef on the streets as she did not have 3 Rs to avail the public toilet facility … And I spend 3 Rs daily on Economic times … Thats the day I understood the vaue of 3 Rs. ….Keep writing such amazing posts …

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