>Tamil Padam….


This is the upcoming movie from the producer of Vaaranam Aayiram , Dayanithi Alagiri starring MIRCHI Shiva and a new girl from mumbai. Why am I posting about this movie?  I recently listened to this song from the movie called ” Oh Maha Zeeya” which is one of the most meaning and insightful song I’ve ever listened to. I would request you all to please listen to the song and also relate to the true meaning of the song and movie.

Oh Maha Zeeya from Tamil Padam | Music Upload

Thou shall end the year with a smile and always with a smile. I hope you all have a very very happy new year 2010 and for all the years to come shall bring everybody happiness. Love all my fellow earthlings!!!:))


8 thoughts on “>Tamil Padam….

  1. >Already listened to it pa…Dunno how Hariharan was able to sing this comical song so seriously :)Anyways wish you a happy nd prosperous NEW YEAR :)Keep smiling :)AL IS WEL 😀

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