>Lost you forever…


Being with you was like having every single one of my wish come true….
But now I HAVE LOST YOU….!
I know our roads will never cross again & i will never get to see you in my life…
Because……, I HAVE LOST YOU…!

I still miss you every second of my life.
Dream about you all day long….
But i don’t LOVE YOU anymore.
Whenever i think about you…,The chill hits every part of my body.
I left you behind in my Past….But “MEMORIES” of you are still haunting me very badly…
I don’t even want to try to get you back in my life,
Because i know I HAVE LOST YOU FOREVER…!

I always wanted to hold your hand when i walked on the street.
I always wanted & wished to look into your eyes when i wanted to feel nice.
But today i am all ALONE….and now i don’t have any expectations to get you back in my LIFE.

I still remember the day you came into my LIFE and turned my life into a “PARADISE”.
I came to know WHAT LOVE IS? Because of YOU.
The time we shared was a treasure to me.
I always wanted you to feel exactly what i feel for you.
But somewhere i failed to do so.

THE day i met you gave me the reason to smile.
I never felt alone because i know you were always with me…
But you walked away….
Without even knowing HOW WILL I FEEL ???
Without even knowing HOW MUCH I LONG TO BE WITH YOU ???
Without even knowing HOW WILL I LEAD MY LIFE WITHOUT YOU ???
Without even knowing HOW MUCH I NEED YOU ???
Without even knowing “HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU”
Was that LOVE…. I see in your eyes???
Or it was merely a reflection of mine.

When i needed you the most,you left me.
When i needed a shoulder to cry on,you were not there.
When i think, I just think of you.

The Love of yours has touched me “ONE TIME” & will last for “LIFETIME”.
I have still kept the memories of are “LOVE” alive.
I desire nothing more than to be with you forever until i die.
But now I HAVE LOST YOU…!!!

I let you go..Because I have realized that……,

YOU know WHY??????

**ME & MY LOVE**


7 thoughts on “>Lost you forever…

  1. >Tears were almost about to be shed from my eyes…I know its pain…Whatever be, life has to go on…and you have to move on…Easy said than done 😦 Time is the healer always…Although I felt heavy when I read till I reached the two last lines and then I smiled…That's high of an attitude…Go on Gal!

  2. >@Raji : Like you said, saying is pretty easy but living it.. Worth thing ever. I'm trying my best to look past it.. but its almost four years since it happened, still I'm not over it yet:(

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