>The Voice


She woke up in a white room, on a white bed. Artificial light swallowing her up from the fluorescent lights above. Blinking a few times, she sits up, her pale skinned arms holding the bed on each side of her. And then, she hears him, and remembers where she is and why.
"Good morning, sleepy head. Did you have a nice sleep?"
"Go away."
"Come on now, Neha. We go through this every day. Haven’t you learned already?"
He laughs. That sick, evil laugh echoes through her head. She hates it, hates him. Wants him to leave her alone but he won’t. The pills.. They don’t work. The doctor and nurses say they will but she knows for a fact that he’ll never disappear. They don’t hear him, so how could they know!
"Leave me alone. Please!"
She falls off the bed, and crawls to the corner of the room. The room is completely lit, it’s not possible for any shadows to be there because of this right? Then why.. why is there a shadow standing right in front of her, with a big disgusting grin on it’s face?
"Let’s play a game, little Neha."
"No.. I don’t want to play with you. I just want you to go away."
"Tsk tsk. You know I can’t do that. I was born for you, so how could I ever leave you?"
Holding her hands over her ears, she shuts her eyes tightly. But she can still hear him. Hear the malice dripping off his every word.
"I won’t leave you Neha. And you can never escape me."
She lets out a scream and runs to the door. It opens with ease. She notices that no one has even come to see what the scream was about. Even as she’s running down the corridor, panting and crying, no one is giving the littlest glance.
"And I thought you said you didn’t want to play."
"No. Don’t follow me, leave me alone!"
She finds a door that leads to the stairs. Quickly opening it, she runs down stairs and stairs until she reaches a door with a sign on it saying, ‘Ground Floor’.
"Someone, help me please!"
She stands in the middle of the lobby, trying to catch her breath. There are many people around, doctors, nurses, patients, and even visitors. No one looks at her.
"Why.. why won’t they look at me? Are they ignoring me?"
"Ahah, silly babe. They aren’t ignoring you. They simply can’t see nor hear you."
"W-What do you mean?"
"You are as I am. Nonexistent to the outside world."
Her body starts to shake, and without a warning, she hits the floor screaming. Blood starts to gush from her wrists and throat. No… it isn’t blood. It’s thick and black… and smells of death.
"Wha- What’s happening to me?!"
"You are dead. Don’t you remember? I kept telling you, you can’t escape from me. Even death cannot save you from what’s a part of you. And I, Arun, live in your conscious, and have always been a part of you."
Before her eyes, it’s like a movie playing. She sees herself, in her little white room, nothing but a window and mirror on the walls. She can hear herself talking, can hear him as well.
"If you won’t leave me alone, I’ll make you!"
"Now now, that won’t do at all. I’ll follow you, Neha. I will follow you anywhere and everywhere. No matter how hard you wish for me to go away, no matter how many pills you swallow, I’ll always be here."
She watches the memory where she breaks the mirror. As the glass slides across her wrists deeply, and then finally across her own throat. She shudders as his wicked laugh echos through the empty room. The life flows from her veins, and his shadowed body laps the blood from her neck.
"You’ll never be rid of me, Neha. Never."

Then in a flash, it’s all gone. Her eyes open and she’s in her bed again, not a single recollection of what happened just seconds ago. She sits up in her bed, both hands on either side of her…
"Good morning, sleepy head. Did you have a nice sleep?"
Another day of an endless hell begins, a never ending loop of death. A punishment for taking the life God gave her, or maybe just a way for the voice to prove that she can never rid herself of him.


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