>Desire – Deserve

>Most of us might have come across people disinterested about their life, regretting about the past, complaining about the present, and thinking deep about future without a clear conscience. Who knows what tomorrow is?????? Few of us might have stood wonder struck for what has made their life so dis-interesting and miserable. 

Such thoughts might be crossing over our minds from a very long time and probably we have all successfully failed to answer that question. We have to understand that, not all questions come with a straight-forward answer and this is one such. 

Well the question is pretty simple, “Do we desire for what we deserve or does the desire deserve all our pain and efforts?”

We long for something or someone, their love, care and affection. Sometimes we get what we want and most of the times we are unsuccessful. We must have observed two young people who are in love, at the beginning whispering with full concentration and a complete eye-contact but after a while the spark fades off, whispering turns into yelling, no eye contact, concentration diverts and leaves both of them with discomfort, thoughts of quitting crosses over the mind, dilemma and loneliness. They break-up not with each other but also with all other relationships. Should it supposed to be this way or is it us who have fashioned it to our convenience? 

If a single relationship ends is there a need to cut off from all other relationships too? Shouldn’t we all pause and think for a minute that there is something else that exists beyond all this? Do we even make an effort to think that there are many things and people you care about and vice versa? 

Nine out of ten times the answer would be a simple two-letter word “No”. We let our emotions control our thoughts and we become paralyzed tending to forget everything, regretting about the past and complaining about the present.

Life always takes different diversions and quitting is not the solution. At such times, we should relax and let go off all the negative thoughts, emotions, start thinking with a clear conscience. Well, we know; “It is easier said than done”, but there is nothing impossible.

Desire is a boon and a bane at the same time. There is a saying, “Desire is the root of all miseries” and another saying which contradicts the former” Desire is the key to motivation”. Sounds strange, but it is true….. Strange, because it is contradicting, true, you need to desire to aim high and reach your goal. On the contemporary we have to answer the above mentioned questions before assigning the task to our brain and heart.

Had Adam and Eve not desired to eat the apple from “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” probably we did not have to fight so hard for our existence. Not just in the story, in reality we have many such serpents which insist us to an extent of losing control on our thoughts, blind-folding them just a little caution can prevent the damage.

Desire can always take us high if used properly else it would have the adverse effect on our life. It makes you abandon not only self but also influences the entire environment changing the atmosphere where you are. It leaves us in a state of confusion and makes us indecisive.

“Dreams to touch the sky are made at ground level” is one of the finest quotes I have come across, but, “Can we touch the sky????? Is it possible????? Imagination has no boundaries and this phrase must have taken birth to satisfy the “desire” of an author but there should always be a constant effort to get what we desire; on the contemporary we should be a little aware of the reality. We all know the famous proverb, “Man proposes god disposes. Few things are not uncontrollable and an effort done to hold it back will only cause more mishap to one’s life.

Human-being is a knot of several relationships. He/she would be delegated with different roles and responsibilities. End of one Relationship means not an end to all others and yourself.

“Life on earth might be expensive but we should never forget the part of getting a free trip around the sun, enjoy the jolly ride to your fullest”.